What Make Us Different?

Ethical Enviroment, Affordable & Good Quality of Product

Partnering with a private jewelry manufacturer company in Bali, Fera Faith builds an entire collection of Bespoke Jewelry, jewelry productions as well as development. The majority of our work is done by hand and by our talented professional jewelry makers who are committed to delivering exceptional craftsmanship to every single design. Therefore, it has always been our aim to make our jewelry makers as happy as our clients. We believe that by working as a family we would be able to bring the best quality jewelry to our clients. In order to maintain the quality of the work and the jewelry we produce, we compensate our jewelry makers fairly.
Fera Faith aims to provide excellent service to our clients by providing remarkable quality jewelry with the best price in the market.

"Every design has a story & we bring visions into life"

Fera Faith believes that every story deserves to be told. Therefore every single design that we have produced tells a different story. Our main focus is to translate and understand our clients’ vision, stories and ideas into exceptional pieces of art.
Jewelry Design & Development

Hi, My Name Is Fera Rukmana

I Am Specialized in the Management of Design & Development Jewelry Projects

In the midst of life struggles and driven by my passion in art and jewelry and having the experience of over 6 years in all areas of jewelry design and manufacturing, I was reminded of my long lost dream of wanting to create beautiful creations and getting inspired by people’s stories. This is why I was inspired to launch Fera Faith. Fera Faith is my love letter to all jewelry enthusiasts out there.
Today, I’ve executed several projects both for organizations and individuals – some of my lovely and attractive collections are posted on my Instagram page. 
I am driven by my client’s stories and help them make their visions come to life in a form of jewelry. I believe that we all should be brave enough to live the life of our dreams according to your vision and purpose.

“The universe helps those who dare to dream and keep their dream alive in spite of all.”