Bespoke Jewelry

Start From $99

Bespoke Jewelry service specializes in custom jewelry from existing styles and modifies with our own unique touches and turns the sketches into exquisite masterpieces. From wedding rings, engagement rings, personal jewelry collections, fashion show accessories, to accessories for photoshoot or videoshoot projects, The Bespoke Jewelry service will make sure to deliver to you customized and unique pieces of jewelry. Our team will work based on your design, sketches or design reference and will turn them to a beautiful masterpiece uniquely owned by you.

Service Provided :

  • Design from your comfort home
  • Communicate via phone, text, email or video call
  • Technical Drawing
  • Rendering

Benefit :

  • FREE Consultation
  • Fastest and safe delivery both domestic and international destinations.
  • Less Payment tax
  • Rush service is available
  • Guarantee for 30 days after the item is received


The price for the Bespoke Jewelry service varies based on the design that you desire. Our team is able to work on the jewelry based on a sketch or reference photo of the piece of jewelry that you desire and transform it into a beautiful masterpiece that will beautify you even more. Our team will assist you in sourcing additional components that you want to be included in the piece of jewelry, such as chains, clasp and/or gemstones.