What My Clients Say


Contact with Fera and our communication put me at ease. She made me feel secure and I especially thank here for the tight communication and patience with all my questions. She is always been very kind and informative and that has been extremely helpful since I could concentrate on everything else.

Bryony - Australia

I have been honored work with Fera for many years with overseeing the design and production of my jewelry line. She was able to calm my fears of working from abroad no doubt that she will give each piece utmost attention and care.

Justine - Canada

I am in contact with Fera to make my engagemant ring. She made me feel secure with her knowledge about jewelry and she is very patience with all my questions. She is always been very kind and keeping me update with the process of the ring until finished.

Matthew - United Kingdom

Fera has eye for design and fashion making her a wonderful asset to help with your design process. Fera is extemely knowledgable of jewelry production, especially on a commercial level of production. 

Alexandra - United Stated

Fera has been tremendously helpful to us. She understood our needs and helped us grow our business from the earliest stage. We are very grateful to in touch with her.

Milky - Australia

As I am new to the jewelry business I was a bit cautious at first. I didn’t know quiet what to expect and I honestly needed a lot of help. I was new to everything and truly needed guidance and a warm welcome. And that’s where Fera truly made a difference. The contact with Fera and our communication very soon put me at ease.

Lisa - Sweden